Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you may find answers on the most popular questions we are asked.

Which games are supported?

We can promote your Counter-Strike 1.6 and Half-Life server. Half-Life means oldschool HL based on latest GoldSrc engine. Our players have installed game clients that support network protocol 48 and 47. Some of them could join both protocol servers without any problems, but better if you have installed server-side plugin DProto.

What's the price for 4 weeks boost? or 1 month?

You may find exact prices at your server page, selecting a subscription duration. For example, 7 days * $1.5 should cost $10.50, but 5% discount applies, so the weekly price will be $9.98. Monthly (30 day) will be 30 x $1.5 = $45, but 10% discount will give you a price of $40.5.

How to boost my server?

You should use "Add server" button at the top, there you can add your server to our database and then see which services will be available for it. Then you will choose and buy necessary subscription and pay using PayPal or any other accepted payment system.

How will player see my game server?

Players use in-game search ("Find servers" menu) and see your server there. Servers are sorted by the ping, i.e. player will see the server with the lowest latency as first.

How long my server will be boosted?

We have two types of subscriptions. "Daily" is time-based, you may buy it for 1 day or more days, it will expire exactly after selected time will pass. "Boost" duration depends on the demand: the number of servers is limited and the "oldest" server in the list is kicked out when somebody will order new boost. If it has still prepaid positive balance ("circles") it is restored to the top of the list.

How to promote game server for free?

It seems now it is almost impossible. Some years ago when SETTI server list had been used in many game clients, everybody was able to add a server for free and receive some players, also they provided paid services to receive much more players. Now SETTI is dead and there is no similar free service.

Do you provide a free trial?

Exactly, no. You could buy 1-day subscription to test our services, it's enough cheap.

I tried Half-Life subscriptions and there is much less players.

Counter Strike 1.6 is played worldwide, Half-Life is played by much less people. That's why if you will see dozens of players join your CS 1.6 server and few players on your HL server for the same time. Due to these facts, the prices are different.

I paid for a subscription but no players join my server.

If you've seen the message that payment was accepted and subscription activated - plaese wait a little, typically players will enter your server in 1-10 minutes. The possible reasons could be late time (nobody plays at night), your server is unreachable from some countries or has a very high ping.

Payment was not successfull.

If your payment was not successfull please write us using "Contact Us" menu and note the time, selected payment system and desired subscription, we will check it. If you were billed but subscription was not activated, also write us. We can not 100% exclude the possibility of technical failure, but even if your paid and did not receive a subscription, we will activate it manually later.

How to attract more players?

Never let your server be empty: add some bots. The best case is PODbot with pb_minbots 0 and pb_maxbots 5 - there will be always min. 5 players. One human will enter and bot will exit. Think about the hostname and game mod.

Many players join my server but there is never 32/32

There is no service that will attract to your server so many players to fill it 32/32. It does not exists. But, you may try to order other subscriptions somewhere else simultaneously, of course you will get full server after good choice. Try Gametracker.RS, for example.


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