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Pressing this button you accept our Terms of Service and confirm that your server complies with our rules. Your server is going to be checked and added to our database. If success, you will be able to order a subscription to let your server be seen by many players.

Terms of Service

We accept only Counter Strike 1.6 and Half-Life servers. The number of people who play Half-Life is several times less then playing CS 1.6 (worldwide statistics), so the number of people joining your server will be different. We provide subscription on the time basis (daily, weekly etc.) or displacement list (when it reaches the limit, any added server will kick out the oldest one).

Prohibited activities:

  • Changing default Game Menu items or adding more then two custom commands.
  • Creating or changing files using motd_write command.
  • Redirect player to another server (even if your server is full).
  • Using message SVC_DIRECTOR for sending any string commands.
  • Fake servers that have constantly more then 25% bots from maxplayers value.
  • Advertising of any other game client ("newer", "better" versions etc.)
  • Changing the player's nickname sending command "name" to client.
  • Using plugins like GameDestroyer or similar.

    • We have zero tolerance to fake servers, redirects, spam and autoconnect etc. If your server will send any bad command to client, it will be permanently banned from our service without any refund.


that attracts new players to your server. Many players will return back even after it will expire.

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